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Financial Management

From the office of the CFO to controllers, managers, and staff, the pressure on finance and accounting professionals has never been greater.

Mary Driscoll, Senior research director, Financial Management
With membership in APQC you can demonstrate that there is a hard-dollar benefit of investing in change that will make your financial processes more effective.

Mary Driscoll
Senior research director, financial management


Human Capital Management

Developing and managing human capital is the foundation of any organization’s success. For more than 30 years, APQC has studied how leading corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits make the most of their most precious asset: people.

Rachele Williams, Senior program manager, Human Capital Management
APQC offers a third-party facilitation that is very unique in the marketplace and would be difficult for members to find anywhere else.

Rachele Williams
Senior program manager, human capital management


Knowledge Management

APQC established knowledge management (KM) as the strategic discipline that is found today within leading organizations around the globe. For this reason, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations effectively use and leverage KM approaches and tools to impact business results via business research.

 Darcy Lemons, Senior project manager, Knowledge Management
APQC has a number of tools and resources available to help members and KM practitioners everywhere determine the effectiveness and value of their KM activities.

Darcy Lemons
Senior project manager, knowledge management


Process Improvement and Measurement

Most process improvement professionals fight a constant tide of challenges: from budget constraints at the top to employees on the front lines who are reluctant to change. At APQC, our sole purpose is to help organizations work smarter and faster.

 Jeff Varney, Senior adviser, Process Improvement Practice Lead
What excites me most about my work at APQC is working hand in hand with organizations and seeing them adopt these practices, apply them and really get the results.

Jeff Varney
Senior adviser, process improvement


Supply Chain Management

With much of an organization’s costs tied up in its supply chain, the stakes are high when it comes to decision making, and there’s no time to waste. Are inventory turns at acceptable levels? What is the supply chain’s impact on cash flow? Should you outsource? What will the cycle time impact be?  APQC's business research can help.

Erin Williams, Senior analyst, Supply Chain Management
While there are a number of companies who offer expertise in the supply chain area, APQC is unique in that we have the data to back up our knowledge.

Erin Williams
Senior analyst, supply chain management


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