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APQC's expertise focuses on five core functional areas: Knowledge Management (KM), Process and Performance Management (PPM), Financial Management (FM), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). With APQC membership, you and every employee in your organization can access case studies, benchmarks, best practices, and other timely content for more than 70 process areas within these functional areas.

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Interactive Framework Streamlines KM Strategy Implementation

APQC’s interactive Knowledge Management Framework outlines each stage of KM strategy implementation, and lists the actions and recommended resources you’ll need to get to the next stage.

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Knowledge Management

A pioneer in the field of KM, APQC has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes successfully develop and implement KM strategies and programs. APQC’s extensive KM resources and expertise can help you meet your organization’s KM goals. 

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Process & Performance Management

An internationally recognized authority in PPM, APQC provides the tools and resources you need to implement or manage your process improvement programs. Our resources include best practices, research on current industry trends, and case studies.

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Financial Management

With APQC’s benchmarks and best practices for FM, you can make sure your financial process improvement programs are properly designed, executed, and governed. Get authoritative guidance on topics from global process ownership to talent development.

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Human Capital Management

Our HCM resources can help you optimize your human capital processes across your organization. Get best practices, up-to-date research, and other resources to help you meet your organization’s productivity and quality goals.

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Supply Chain Management

Using APQC’s extensive SCM resources, you can optimize your current processes to reduce costs, improve cycle times, and add value. Get benchmarks, process improvement measures, and other valuable knowledge to maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.

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