What’s Driving the Finance Agenda 2020?

APQC's financial management research team conducted its annual survey in late 2019 to better understand the priorities and challenges that finance professionals expect to experience in 2020. 

Join APQC’s Rachele Collins, Ph.D., principal research lead for financial management, and Perry Wiggins, APQC’s CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer, to hear the report out from this research and implications for financial management to be better positioned for the year ahead. 

Topics of discussion include: 
•    Key financial management priorities and challenges expected in 2020 
•    Future plans and expectations regarding the finance budget
•    Overall assessment of the effectiveness of the finance function
•    A preview of APQC’s 2020 financial management research agenda

Rachele Collins, Ph.D., principal research lead, financial management
Perry Wiggins, CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer, APQC

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