Transforming the Employee Experience at IBM: Personalization, Access, Convenience

In the last few years, IBM completely reinvented its HR function with design thinking, digital change management, a co-creation philosophy and innovative AI technology, which led to higher engagement, retention and productivity. The key to a successful transformation is not the budget or the technology – it’s a change  of culture and mindset, which we orchestrated by following some principles that we will share in this webinar. Join APQC and IBM’s Benoit Hardy-Vallee for an hour long webinar on Tuesday, April 16th at 11 am CDT.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • align a talent management strategy to an agile and dynamic business model
  • make HR expertise directly accessible to the employees and managers
  • re-define the HR operating model to include self-service technology and AI capabilities
  • create an engaging experience for both employees and managers that also accelerates HR’s ability to support the business.
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