Reinventing Supplier Relationships: Shifting from Lowest Cost to Highest Value

Aug 20

It’s time to get past the idea that simply getting the deal done is all that is required in a negotiation with suppliers. That short-sighted approach does not fit strategic, long-term relationships. A different approach and mindset for supplier relationships is needed to replace the me-first, I-win-you-lose strategy with highly collaborative partnerships focused on “we.” 

Join APQC and three leading thinkers in an interactive panel discussion on reinventing supplier relationships: Kate Vitasek, lead faculty and researcher for Vested; Bonnie Keith, founder of the Forefront Group; and Emmanuel Cambresy, strategic advisor and managing director of Core Sourcing.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Why and how new approaches to supplier relationships are imperative in today’s landscape
  • Embracing the idea that no single model is “better” than another
  • The inherent unbalance in modern supplier relationships and how to even the score
  • Weighing the pros and cons of risk/innovation in supplier selection
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