Developing Meaningful Assessment and Reporting Processes

Assessing a student’s progress in learning and reporting that progress in a manner that is meaningful to the student, the student’s family, the school and the school’s stakeholders is a core objective of any educational institution. Christ Church Grammar, a K-6 school, and Aitken College, a K-12 school, share the journeys they have each experienced in redesigning their respective assessment and reporting processes. The success in the redesign of these essential processes has had positive outcomes for the students, families, teachers and schools.

Christ Church Grammar and Aitken College are independent schools in Victoria, Australia. Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), a member based, non-profit organisation provides professional development and advisory services for its member schools. Christ Church Grammar and Aitken College utilised one of these professional development platforms, Process and Performance Management (the Southern Cross Program), to launch their redesign efforts. Please join our webinar as Peter Roberts, Director of School Services for ISV and representatives of Christ Church Grammar and Aitken College discuss the power of process management and process redesign on critical, value processes.

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