Communities of Practice: A Decade of Evolution

A KM Webinar

For years, cross-functional communities have been among the most pervasive and well-regarded approaches to facilitate expertise location, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. However, as technology and work norms evolve, knowledge managers must determine whether classic community structures still deliver the same value. Do communities retain pride of place in the KM toolkit, or have new tools for enterprise social networking, collaboration, and mobile work shifted the landscape?

In 2017, APQC engaged in its fifth best practices study on this topic to understand how communities of practice are evolving. During this call, KM Principal Research Lead Lauren Trees will describe the results of this research, focusing on the following fundamental questions:

  • What is the current strategic role of communities of practice?
  • What roles and responsibilities are crucial to communities, and what factors drive effective leadership?
  • What tools and approaches support communities today, and how has new technology affected community interactions and knowledge sharing?
  • What are the most current methods to encourage engagement in communities of practice?
  • What are the newest techniques to measure community health and value?

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