ARM Yourself for Success in Developing the Warehouse of the Future

Over the past few years, we have seen a number of supply chain trends that will guide the industry for the coming year. As consumer demand shifts from big box to online, companies struggle to adapt to the digitization of the supply chain. Compounding this, industry professionals are bombarded with information on many new devices, technology, and services that they are told they have to utilize.

This trend of information overload will continue in the coming years, and this webinar will ARM the participants with guidance on the tools, technology, and knowledge that they need to be successful in understanding and implementing DC of the future.

ARM is a framework our speaker, Chris Elliott, will discuss to explain current trends as well as handling step by step how participants should take on the uncertainty in the supply chain. It stands for:

  • A – Analyze
  • R – Retrofit
  • M - Modernize

We will use the ARM methodology to cover a series of tools and technologies critical to business success in 2017 and beyond, so are you ready to, β€œARM yourself for Success in Developing the Warehouse of the Future?”

Webinar attendees will learn:

  1. Where to start on their DC improvement projects.
  2. How to look at their operations and systems to make the right technology decisions.
  3. How to prepare for technology deployments.
  4. Approaches to bolting on new technology onto existing systems.
  5. Creating strategies for the supply chain of the future