APQC Certified Framework Professional Course

Jul 09
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Time icon 3 Days Dollar Sign $2,995 -- Discount Available for APQC Members

APQC’s 3-day, virtual framework professional certification course will explore the significance of frameworks for driving business value. Participants will understand the power and benefits of using frameworks and gain practical insights, best practices, and approaches for applying frameworks and adapting them to fit an organization’s specific needs. 

While many of the course examples will use APQC’s Process Classification Framework®, we will also cover other types of frameworks so that participants can put the skills they learn into context for their projects. 

Learn the ways in which frameworks provide a structured approach to achieving an organization’s goals based on real-life scenarios, and how, when successfully adapted, can connect the enterprise through a common language and realize even more compelling business outcomes.

Walk away with proficiency in:

  • Understanding the different types of frameworks, uses, and ways to leverage them in an organization.
       Explaining the benefits of aligning alternate views and needs using a comprehensive framework across an enterprise.
  • Leveraging framework principles to identify, prioritize, and manage performance improvement.
  • Adapting the application of frameworks to fit the organizational needs.
  • Utilizing APQC’s assets and resources to address real-world challenges.