North Star Education Membership

By creating efficiencies and streamlined operations, districts can generate resources and dollars to funnel directly into the classroom. This work occurs through the implementation of Process and Performance Management (PPM) methodologies and the identification of best practices.

Since 1996, APQC has been helping education leaders capture, scale, and sustain transformation to improve student outcomes. We help educators redesign outdated or inefficient processes, and break down functional silos-which saves time, saves money, and empowers people. At APQC, we believe you can’t change outcomes without changing inputs. Therefore, APQC introduced the North Star Education Membership to empower districts with the knowledge and tools to map, measure and improve how things get done. 

One affordable APQC North Star Education Membership gives every employee in your district access to all online resources, tools and member benefits including:

  • Networking and collaboration with other education professionals and more than 150,000 process and performance improvement professionals
  • Webinars to share best practices
  • Online Knowledge Base of research-based best practices
  • Benchmarking tools including Benchmarks On Demand and custom benchmarking reports created with your district’s specific data
  • MosaiQTM: a cloud-based solution to map and simplify business process management
  • Discounts on products and services, including organizational assessments, conferences, workshops, strategic planning assistance, hands-on process improvement help, executive coaching, and process redesign

APQC has helped districts to create efficient processes that improve all areas of operations:  HR, facilities maintenance, transportation, food service, and more. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, APQC has add-on services available to meet your project needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our membership or service offerings, contact Sara Brill at