Demand Spikes for Research on More Efficient, Effective Ways to Work

Organizations Seek Benchmarks and Best Practices for Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Knowledge Management

APQC Responds with New Membership Model and Benchmarking Portal

(Houston, TX – June 10, 2010) – A global economic downturn, pressure on cash flow, and increased competition are driving even the most elite companies to seek out ways to work smarter. Benchmarking and best practices research firm APQC ( reports that consumption and use of its process and performance improvement research findings and content have increased by more than 20 percent in the past year.

In response, APQC has launched a new membership model that includes an online portal to help organizations access relevant information quickly in financial management, human resources, supply chain, and knowledge management. The structure and tools enable organizations to assess their performance, find benchmarks and best practices, and connect with peers worldwide.

“Consumption of our content has spiked 20 percent in just the last year,” notes Carla O’Dell, president of APQC. “More than ever, people are seeking out ways to work faster and smarter. In our over-30-year history, we’ve never seen such a demand for benchmarks, best practices, and tools to help organizations improve.” O’Dell cites increased pressure on margins, tightened budgets, and a smaller work force as driving forces behind the unprecedented demand.

APQC’s new member model is more value driven as members can opt to pay only for access to content and expertise in specific functional areas:

  1. Financial Management: Financial management has become more complex than ever; the spotlight and pressure are on how to reduce risk and conserve shareholder capital. APQC focuses on accounts payable and expense reimbursement, accounts receivable, finance organization, general accounting and reporting, internal controls, order to invoice, payroll, and management accounting. Recent research topics delved into corporate performance management, working capital management, and budgeting and forecasting.
  2. Human Capital Management: Human resource professionals face a changing work force and shrinking budgets. APQC focuses on sourcing, recruiting, and selecting employees; developing, training, and counseling employees; rewarding and retaining employees; managing and reporting time; processing payroll taxes; redeploying and retiring employees; and managing employee information.
  3. Knowledge Management: APQC helped pioneer knowledge management (KM) as a business practice and remains a leading authority on designing and using KM to be more competitive and innovative. Knowledge is an organization’s largest asset, but many don’t have a solid strategy to leverage it effectively.  APQC’s extensive best practice cases and methods address that need.
  • Supply Chain Management: For many companies, the greatest costs are associated with the supply chain. APQC focuses on planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and product development to help supply chain professionals reduce physical inventory and related carrying costs, speed up cash-to-cash and manufacturing cycle times, and improve order and line-item fill rates.

As part of the membership launch, APQC is introducing a number of self-service assessments and benchmarking tools that help pinpoint areas for improvement and benchmarks to aid in decision making. The online, automated tools leverage APQC’s Open Standards BenchmarkingSM database of performance metrics, the largest of its kind in the world.

Membership tools include:

  1. Three online assessment tools:
  2. The Rapid Performance Assessment tool identifies gaps and pinpoints areas for improvement.
  3. Benchmarks on Demand provides quick decision support and directional data with instant benchmarks.
  4. The Knowledge Management Capability Assessment determines how effectively organizations are leveraging their largest asset.
  5. An “Ask Us!” feature allows members to submit questions to APQC’s team of analysts and experts.
  6. A 2.0 Web site showcases the most relevant and valuable resources based on a member’s preferred topic area, providing flexible search options to quickly find relevant content.

A complete list of member benefits is available at

“We love working with APQC and find that they are an international hub for gathering companies and organizations that participate in performance improvement and knowledge management,” said Kevin Gannon, director, U.S. Navy, Carrier Team One. 

APQC membership provides every employee in an organization with access to the world’s largest database of benchmarks and best practices, content, experts, and a network of peers so they can discover, understand, and implement effective methods for productivity and quality improvement.

Large organizations and professional services firms seeking complete access to the full suite of functional area content may join APQC’s Enterprise membership. 


APQC is the leading resource for performance analytics, best practices, process improvement, and knowledge management. The organization’s research studies, benchmarking databases, and renowned Knowledge Base provide managers with intelligence to transform their organizations. A member-based nonprofit founded in 1977, APQC serves Global 1000, government, and nonprofit organizations. For information, visit or call +1.713.681.4020.

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