Darcy Lemons

Senior Project Manager, Knowledge Management

As a member of the Advisory Services team, Darcy Lemons helps APQC clients develop, maintain, and improve knowledge management programs. Depending on the client’s need, Darcy works with organizations to assess capabilities and performance, develop strategies and action plans, drive improvement projects, and conduct trainings and workshops. Her experience spans a range of industries, from aerospace and defense to insurance, biotechnology, the U.S. military, mining, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and medical supplies and devices.

A frequent speaker, she has conducted some of APQC’s most popular webinars on topics such as Improving the Rate of Knowledge Transfer and Connecting People to Content, Putting Knowledge in the Flow of Work, and Wikis: Secrets to Success. She frequently presents at KMWorld and APQC’s own annual KM Conference on various knowledge management topics.

She serves as a subject matter expert for many of APQC’s research projects in the area of knowledge management including, Connecting People to Content, Transferring and Applying Critical Knowledge, Putting Knowledge in the Flow of Work, and Using Knowledge: Advances in Expertise Location and Social Networking. Darcy has been involved with APQC’s KM Advanced Working Group from its inception in 2007, often serving as the project manager as well as lending her expertise in the identification of best practices and creation of frameworks, tools, and templates.

When she joined APQC in 1999, she led APQC’s research agenda and served as project manager for more than 20 collaborative benchmarking studies in the area of knowledge management. In this capacity she conducted primary research, led site visit teams, distilled research, and developed and released best practice findings. Her involvement in such research has allowed her to work with Fortune 1000 companies and learn successful practices firsthand from experts in the field.

She is the author of the book Capturing Critical Knowledge and is a trainer for many APQC courses on knowledge management.

Before joining APQC in 1999, she spent 10 years in management in the retail industry focused on providing quality customer service.

Darcy earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas Tech University, graduating magna cum laude in 1988. She continued her education at Texas Tech for three more years, and in 1991 graduated with honors and a Master of Science degree in interdisciplinary studies: education psychology, family psychology, and psychology.

When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, wilderness camping, hiking, canoeing, and spending time with her family.