Open Standards Benchmarking - Innovation

Successful innovation programs strategically distribute research and development (R&D) resources among product and service enhancements, extensions, and completely new offerings. Innovators pursue new ideas wherever they come from, whether they’re generated by customers, business partners, suppliers, or competitors.

Find out how your innovation efforts and results compare in terms of resource allocation, total R&D costs, speed to market, and return on investment using this assessment. To date, over 200 organizations from 14 countries and every industry have used this assessment tool to improve their innovation programs.

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This is the first and only innovation research program to offer organizations from all industries the opportunity to compare themselves against others.

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Founded in 1977, APQC is a member-based nonprofit organization. With over 500 members, APQC serves as a steward for broader open standards benchmarking, providing global, consistent process measurement.

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