Develop, Train, and Counsel employees

Advances in learning theory continue to provide insights into how adults learn and how training can be organized most effectively. Comparing your development and training activities with those of other organizations can provide insights into the ideal training organization structure, resource allocations, and training methods. It can also provide critical metrics for measuring the effectiveness of such programs.

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Total Cost of the Process Develop and Counsel-Learning Only per Employee

APQC’s develop, train, and counsel assessment provides benchmarks and metrics that can unearth new opportunities of high relevance to directors and managers of organizational development, leadership development, and training and development. For example, there is a major difference in the total cost of learning and development per employee for bottom versus top performers. This data suggests that organizations investing in more training days and dollars per employee may produce greater revenue per employee than those investing less in this important human capital process.

This assessment will help your organization better manage and execute the following processes.

  • Align employee and organization development needs
  • Create/maintain employee induction programs
  • Increase the average number of learning days per employee
  • Define performance objectives
  • Develop competency management plans
  • Develop employee career plans
  • Develop functional/process competencies
  • Develop, conduct, and manage employee and/or management training programs
  • Establish training needs by analysis of required and available skills
  • Evaluate and review performance programs
  • Introduce new employees to managers
  • Introduce workplace to new hires
  • Manage collective bargaining processes
  • Manage employee skills development
  • Manage health and safety processes
  • Manage labor management partnerships
  • Manage labor relations
  • Match resources to requirements
  • Review, appraise, and manage employee performance

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Founded in 1977, APQC is a member-based nonprofit organization. With over 500 members, APQC serves as a steward for broader open standards benchmarking, providing global, consistent process measurement.

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