Compression: Learn about the “Next Generation of Lean Thinking” from Author Doc Hall

Webinar at 10 a.m. CDT on August 31

(Arlington Heights, Ill. – August 19, 2010) – Compression, a new way of learning how to wring much more human benefit out of much less material and energy, has been catching the attention of North American manufacturers that are afflicted with sustainability challenges. Doc Hall, author of Compression: Meeting the Challenges of Sustainability through Vigorous Learning Enterprises, will lead a webinar on this topic at 10 a.m. CDT on Tuesday, Aug. 31.

Hosted by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) and APQC, the webinar will illustrate the concept of “second-generation Lean” and Compression by demonstrating how organizational culture and system changes cover for common weak points when using Deming Circle logic (in the PLAN and ACT stages).

The idea of Compression is much different than present economic concepts about how the world is evolving, and works to address global challenges, from population growth and limited resources to work processes and human footprints. Compression provides a working solution to begin converting organizations into vigorous learning enterprises, ultimately transforming individual and collective behaviors.

Registration for the AME/APQC Community of Practice webinar is now open. To explore further Lean learning opportunities through AME, please visit AME’s Conference website. 

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