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Wednesday, December 12 2018

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All day
10:00 am

Join us for this complimentary orientation for professional services firms. There is no charge for this online session, and you will learn how our best-practice research and content can help you achieve your firm’s and your clients' business objectives.

12:00 pm

Evaluating Capital Investment Decisions (CID), the process of determining if an investment will create value for the enterprise, is one of the most important responsibilities of finance and executive management.

Capital investments range from equipment installations to product development, factory expansions to Information technology projects, and from market or geographic investments to acquiring another business or firm. The challenge in evaluating most investment opportunities in the 21st Century is that we must identify and address critical success factors, assumptions and risk about an uncertain future.

Join APQC guest presenter Jack Alexander, President Jack Alexander & Associates LLC, respected author, and recognized thought leader in FP&A and business performance management, as he discusses: 

Key Topics

The Objective: Will the Project Create Value?

The Easy Part: Applying the Decision Rules

The Challenge: CID are based on Projections about an Uncertain Future

  • Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty
  • Integrating Financial Analysis and Program Management
  • Understanding How Human Beings Make Decisions Involving Uncertainty
  • Summarizing and Presenting Capital Investment Opportunities
  • Post Reviews
  • Evaluating the Capital Investment Decision Process
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