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Thursday, January 25 2018

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All day
11:00 am

Join APQC on Thursday, January 25 at 11:00 a.m. CST to hear MITRE’s Priscila Metzgar and Lisa Gold  as they highlight the following MITRE programs:

  • MITRE CLEAR Conversations™ – An approach to performance management that facilitates partnerships between supervisors, work leaders, and employees via ongoing conversations to set expectations, provide feedback, and support employee development.
  • Career Insight™ – An internal program that provides all MITRE employees with career assessment tools and confidential, individualized career coaching to help employees gain self-awareness about their strengths and career aspirations, develop their personal vision of career success, learn about future business needs, and take charge of managing their career.

During the webinar, they will discuss how organizations can focus on growth and development in their performance and career management practices to improve employee engagement and career satisfaction, and achieve business results. Join this session, to hear first-hand stories about:

  • Exploring an innovative approach to performance management that establishes a growth-based culture
  • Learning how to inspire employees to take ownership of their career and create career partnerships

Can't Attend? We understand that not everyone can join our webinars live whether it be scheduling conflicts or timezone issues, so we are sure to send all registrants links to the slides and recording after the session, regardless of attendance. Register today to get your links via email!

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