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Thursday, December 14 2017

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All day
10:00 am

An APQC Webinar

One frequently overlooked benefit of complex, large-scale projects is the wealth of knowledge they generate. As a project team moves a project toward completion, it constantly presents new contextual information, better ways of doing things, and less successful methods that other teams should avoid. By encouraging project teams to document and share what they learn, organizations can ensure that relevant best practices and lessons are applied in other, similar projects and situations. This both helps sustain project benefits over time and amplifies the impact of projects beyond their envisioned range of influence.

In this session, KM Principal Research Lead Lauren Trees will share APQC's newest research on the integration of knowledge and project management. Citing examples from six leading organizations, she will describe the best ways to use communities of practice, collaboration platforms, lessons learned, and training to capture relevant knowledge from projects and share that knowledge with others who may benefit.

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