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The Secrets of RPA Success in Shared Services

Secrets to RPA Success in Shared Services


Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to elevate the performance and contribution of shared services organizations. Yet, fully realizing the benefits of RPA in shared services requires a thoughtful and measured approach. In an email interview, Anshu Gupta, head of global people…

Why KM Needs Boots on The Ground

Why KM Programs Need Boots on the Ground


All knowledge management programs need dedicated staff. We’ve seen organizations try to make KM a part-time role, but the strategy has much greater odds of success when at least one person (and often more) is allocated full-time to KM. This ensures KM gets the focused attention required to…

A World Without Your Phone Screen

Digital Tools for a Better You


APQC recently spoke with Chris Dancy, author and innovator, to discuss how people can use digital tools and data to optimize health and happiness. Chris will be keynoting at APQC’s Process & Performance Management Conference October 3-4.   There’s a wealth of data-tracking tools…

Silo falling

Why Are Silos So Detrimental?


I recently spoke with Ron Ross, Business Rule Solutions, LLC, to discuss operational silos and why they develop, their impact on organizational effectiveness, and the role of process management in bridging the gap between them. Why do organizations develop organizational silos in the first…