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KM Skills Managers Need Most

The Skills Knowledge Managers Need Most


One of best—and hardest—aspects of knowledge management is that there’s always something new to learn. A good KM team must continually refine its skillsets to accommodate emerging goals, techniques, scenarios, and technologies. Everyone on the team doesn’t need to know everything, but at least one…

Nuture KM Culture or Watch It Die

How to Foster a KM Culture


Culture is a powerful driver of knowledge management. All KM approaches are social activities in one way or another. Clearly, approaches like communities of practice and lessons learned work best when people trust and value each other. Even when someone searches for and leverages KM content on…

Speed UP KM

How to Speed Up Knowledge Management Results


It takes time for all knowledge management (KM) programs to ramp up to the highest levels of performance, but there are ways to launch faster and speed up results. Whether your KM program is at the starting line or trying to catch up on the next lap, here’s how to move fast and go far.  …

3 Ways to Bake KM Into Real Work

3 Ways to Bake KM into Real Work


Knowledge management (KM) gets the most traction when it’s baked into employees’ regular workways and everyday habits. At APQC, we call this “in-the-flow KM.” When people use and contribute knowledge as part of their normal work, they don’t see KM as something extra. If they even realize they’re…

3 Things KM Can Do to Keep Up with Change

KM Must Change to Survive


If you feel like your organization’s strategy, structure, processes, and technology are evolving faster than ever before, you’re not alone. Seismic shifts are the defining theme of the modern enterprise—and the swings and roundabouts just get bigger. The constant upheaval has implications for…