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2 Reasons For Process Management Governance

What is The Goal of BPM Governance Models?


Think about how often, as a child, you asked your parents “why can’t this or that happen?”  How often was the response, “because it is the rules.”   Maybe that is why I like the governance tenet so much.  Like so many, I need to know the boundaries of the sandbox that I am playing…

Learning From Supply Chain Chaos

Turn Supply Chain Chaos into Reusable Knowledge


In my last blog post (Blockchain and RPA Leading Supply Chain Trends in 2021), I mentioned that chaos has made improvement efforts difficult in supply chain; in fact, it’s the number one obstacle to improving processes. Just a few months into 2021, it’s already clear that the changes won’t stop…

Better Virtual Work Starts With Empowering Virtual Managers

Secret to Managing Remote Workers


Over the past year, APQC has understandably received many questions about how to manage remote workers. Early in the pandemic, questions centered on managing the logistics of getting employees set up to work from home and helping employees deal with work/life balance challenges. Then came concerns…