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3 Ways to Solve Your KM Search Problem

It’s Time for KM to Fix Findability


Employees waste a lot of time looking for stuff. It can be hard to quantify, but most of us are aware of this uncomfortable truth. I consider myself a savvy searcher, and I spend hours each week digging around for past research insights, instructions someone shared with me, and old documents I want…

The Many Layers of Content Management

What is a Content Management Process?


A good content management process will not have long-term success without alignment to and integration in business processes and a governance that ensures accountability and adherence to processes and policies.  For over 2 decades, I have engaged with APQC’s members and clients to put in…

Technology Won't Solve Process Problems

3 Ways Process Improvement Gets Sabotaged


We all had to pivot and improvise this past year. But now what? As the world tries to find a new normal, this is a unique window of opportunity to re-create how we work. I am not just talking about work from home—virtually every important process could be a target. The timing couldn’t be better.…

Why Early Momentum Matters For Your KM Program

How Early Measurement Helps Build KM Momentum


Urging a new KM team to establish baseline measures is a little like begging a toddler to finish her broccoli before digging into the chocolate cookies. When KMers first set out, they are excited to start doing things. They want to build systems, connect people, and solve problems. They are less…