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Tips to Test Drive KM Digital Transformation


Everywhere you look, companies are experimenting with digital transformation. According to APQC’s Measures of Digital Transformation research, around half are in the early stages of digital implementation: 17 percent are running pilots, 4 percent are evaluating recently completed pilots, and 28…

4 Secrets to Creating Your KM Brand


Some people think branding is just “window dressing” for a KM program, but they’re wrong. A strong brand clearly conveys what KM is all about and why employees should care. An outstanding brand gets people excited and helps them feel personally connected to the KM effort. But as a quick Google…

4 Symptoms You have Organizational Silos


Organizational silos are a pervasive challenge for most organizations and 73% of organizations feel that breaking down silos is vital to their success. The need to address silos makes sense given that many factors of our professional lives set us up to work best in silos; going as far back as…

AI Won’t Replace Knowledge Managers' Jobs…Yet


According to artificial intelligence expert Kai-Fu Lee, 40 percent of today’s jobs will be replaced by robots by the year 2035. Will one of those jobs be knowledge manager? At APQC’s 2019 KM Conference, attendees talked about how advanced tech would impact the future of KM. Many attendees expect…