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How Do Nonprofits Change So Fast?

3 Ways to Make Organizational Agility a Reality


After a year of chaos and disruption, organizational agility is in the spotlight. Organizational agility is the ability to quickly identify and execute initiatives for opportunities and risks that align with the organization’s overall strategy. APQC’s research finds that an overwhelming majority of…

10 Tips For Implementing Risk Based Internal Controls

Mitigating Risk By Improving Internal Controls


Many companies have ineffective internal controls programs due to an overwhelming amount of controls that don’t adequately consider risk. These organizations are only focused on testing the controls, and not on properly evaluating the effectiveness of controls when conducting a self–assessment or…

10 Steps to Build A Strategic Internal Controls Program

Roadmap to Better Internal Control Management


Many organizations take an approach to internal control management that has defined intersections with risk, compliance, and audit processes. These organizations may use well-defined risk control matrices (RCMS) based upon standards of internal control but they’re focused on only executing…

4 Keys To Effective Benchmarking

How to Start Benchmarking


The goal of benchmarking is simple: To learn what works and how to avoid unnecessary mistakes. The challenge, and where the confusion comes from, is how to apply benchmarking as an effective management tool within an organization.   Benchmarking has been a widely used management tool for…