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4 Benefits to Great End-To-End Processes

What are End-to-End Processes?


Over the last four years, the need for end-to-end processes has become pervasive. In fact, it’s been the number one priority in BPM challenges and priorities since 2018. To further emphasize the drive to end-to-end, our need to holistically view how work gets accomplished was reinforced by the…

Avoid the Disaster Check-In Meeting

What are Good Check-in Meeting Questions?


Good check-in meeting questions are relevant and evocative. Tactical yes/no questions and status updates are best handled as they arise in the course of day-to-day work. In the check-in meeting, you should dive deeper into challenges, opportunities, and successes. For meeting structure and…

How to Get Peak HR Performance

Urgent Challenges HR Faces in 2021


Businesses today are facing urgent workforce challenges. The pressure is on HR to be at the top of its game. Yet, barriers threaten to hold HR back. In this blog, I share one action (spoiler alert: its closing HR skills gaps) that HR functions and HR professionals will want to take today to get on…

Stop Hating Your HR Department

It's Time To Love Human Resources


Let me start by saying that this blog is not going to be for the faint of heart or the hypersensitive types. I plan to hit readers square between the eye, but before I say much else, I want to go on record as saying that I love working in human resources.  I have loved it for almost 27 years…

What is a Community of Practice Charter?

What Is a Community of Practice Charter?


A community charter outlines the purpose, objectives, and scope of a community of practice. It also articulates operational aspects such as who will manage the community, what resources it will need, and how success will be measured.  Many organizations claim to have communities of practice…

Great Process Needs A Framework

All Great Processes Use a Framework


Process models take a variety of forms, and while I will not address them all, the two aspects of process modelling we see most often come in the form of process documentations (process maps, knowledge maps, RACI, SIPOC, etc.) and process frameworks.  However, lets agree that regardless of…

How To Benchmark Procurement

How Do You Benchmark Procurement?


With the ongoing disruption facing supply chains and suppliers, there has been a renewed interest from procurement professionals in figuring out how well their organization is performing and how it compares to others. Benchmarking is the competitive edge that allows organizations to adapt,…

2021 KM Trends To Keep On Eye On

3 Knowledge Management Trends to Watch


“The pandemic accelerated trends already underway” may be the signature phrase of 2021. As worn out as the sentiment is, it’s hard to get away from. COVID-19 forced people and organizations to shift gears faster than ever before, but it primarily mainstreamed changes that had been gathering force…