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What Is Business Process Management

What is Business Process Management?


Business process management (BPM) is a broad set of management approaches that encompass process redesign and innovation, process sourcing, and process improvement. In a nutshell, BPM is how organizations ensure they’re getting the most out value out of the work that happens across the enterprise.…

Leadership Challenges

Biggest Leadership Transition Mistakes


Organizations invest a lot of time and money in identifying and developing potential future leaders and then in ultimately selecting candidates from their leadership pipelines to fill open leadership roles. Effectively developing and placing individuals into leadership roles through high potential…

How KM Gets Experts To Transfer Knowledge

How KM Gets Experts to Transfer Their Knowledge


No matter what business you’re in, subject matter experts are likely in high demand. Your organization needs people with deep know-how and extensive experience to lead, innovate, and solve tough problems. But experts can’t just be islands unto themselves. You also need them to replicate and spread…

What is Critical Knowledge?

What is Critical Knowledge?


Critical knowledge is knowledge that is valuable and durable enough to offer a sustainable, competitive advantage that justifies the cost of retaining it and transferring it from employee to employee. What critical knowledge looks like is different for every organization, and that’s a big reason…

Is Your Organization Ready For Change?

Is Your Organization Ready For Change


“Hurry up, this is important.”  “We have to get this done!”  “Where are we on that important initiative?”  Whether in the office or working remotely, how often have we heard questions similar to this from management/leadership?  There are organizational goals,…

Keys To Better Process Automation

Keys to Better Process Automation


I recently spoke with process management practitioner, Carla Zilka of Slalom Consulting, about process automation and how organizations ensure their automation efforts achieve their goals. The use of RPA (robotic process automation) has grown significantly recently, what’s the most important…

Robots and Workers

The Great Robots vs Workers Mistake


Robots versus workers—it’s a great debate that is playing out in the media and across organizations. The most common refrain is that technology is making workers obsolete. But according to Deloitte’s latest Human Capital Trends report—we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to technology and talent.…

How to Optimize Your Business Processes

Path to Optimizing Your Business Processes


Establish a highly sustainable and efficient process management ecosystem with APQC’s Process Classification Framework®.  In 1908, the Ford Motor Company sought to disrupt the automobile industry by building a personal automobile that was affordable for the average American. Previously,…