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7 Ways Smart Businesses Use Benchmarking

What Is Benchmarking?


At APQC, we define Benchmarking as the practice of being humble enough to admit that someone else is better at something and being wise enough to learn how to match and even surpass them at it.  Webster defines it as “to evaluate or check (something) by comparison with a standard.” The origins…

Many Reasons To Benchmark

The Many Reasons to Benchmark 


A surveyor's mark cut in a wall, pillar, or building and used as a reference point in measuring altitudes. A standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.  What am I talking about? A benchmark, of course. The later definition is where we will focus our…

Understanding What Benchmarks Do What

What are the Four Types of Benchmarking?


Benchmarking is the competitive edge that allows organizations to adapt, grow, and thrive through change. Benchmarking is the process of measuring key business metrics and practices and comparing them—within business areas or against a competitor, industry peers, or other companies around the…