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Expect More from Benchmarking


There are many types of benchmarking, but most organizations continue to focus on what I’ll call “descriptive” benchmarking. This type of benchmarking follows a structured methodology, which is critical to success, but is characterized mainly by collecting data from a group of benchmarking…

Benchmarking Basics: Know the Rules of the Game


Working with benchmarking organizations affords me a view of some of the mistakes organizations regularly make, as well as the things that make them successful. One of the basic mistakes I see organization make is not adhering to some foundational benchmarking principles or rules. This doesn’t…

Benchmarking Relevance Continues to Evolve


If you’ve read my posts related to benchmarking, you know I feel relevance is vital to making benchmarking real for most organizations. This is an area I continue to examine with organizations providing, as well as consuming, benchmarking information. Relevance is the issue currently holding…

Benchmarking Is About Relevance and Action


I’m lucky. I get to work with organizations using benchmarking data and best practices to improve. This also affords me the opportunity to talk to individuals just starting their benchmarking journey. Those that are successful, and see improvement, are those that take benchmarking data and…

There is a Shift Happening Within Benchmarking


I have been doing a lot of presentations recently focused on benchmarking, and I see a real shift in the mindset of those using benchmarking to improve the performance of their organization.   It’s no longer about benchmarking basics The presentation requests I used to get would fall…

Health Care Reform? No. Health Care Perform!


I’m sure you’ve heard about health care reform <grin>, but I think we are missing the bigger picture. The main point supported by the Supreme Court is about universal coverage—whether it is Constitutional to require all Americans to buy health insurance. I’m sure health care reform will…

The State of Benchmarking


Every few years, I lead the effort here at APQC to update the State of Benchmarking research effort. This is where we look at the discipline and activity of benchmarking. We examine how it is being conducted, which areas of the organization are being benchmarked, and how the results are used…