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The Secrets of RPA Success in Shared Services

Secrets to RPA Success in Shared Services


Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to elevate the performance and contribution of shared services organizations. Yet, fully realizing the benefits of RPA in shared services requires a thoughtful and measured approach. In an email interview, Anshu Gupta, head of global people…

How BASF Finds Talent in a Tight Labor Market


Finding qualified talent is one of the biggest challenges for employers today. Our research shows that employers are in search of innovative ways to fill open positions. Chemical company BASF has found, and is having success with, a number of talent acquisition innovations. Recently, I interviewed…

Cool Ways to Acquire Top Talent


Talent acquisition is an executive concern as a scarcity of qualified job candidates threatens to limit productivity and innovation. As a result, organizations are going to great lengths to secure top talent: Offering unlimited paid time off Giving travel stipends Providing free meals—…

Is Career Development Still Relevant?


This is the question we were asking as APQC embarked on its most recent training and development research study. We wondered: Has the prevalence of job hopping, layoffs, and flat organizations lessened the value of career development in the eyes of employers and employees?   After analyzing…

7 Recruiting Resolutions for 2019


It’s a competitive time for hiring. Employer demand for workers has surpassed the supply of active job seekers. Achieving the 2019 business objectives that your organization has worked so hard to set will require stand-out recruiting practices. Following are seven recruiting resolutions for…

Tips for Talking About Performance


When you sit down for your annual performance discussion, will the conversation focus on reviewing 2018 or planning for a better 2019? For several years, employers have been debating whether the performance management process should dissect past performance or support future contributions. MITRE…