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Is Your Organization Ready For Change?

Is Your Organization Ready For Change


“Hurry up, this is important.”  “We have to get this done!”  “Where are we on that important initiative?”  Whether in the office or working remotely, how often have we heard questions similar to this from management/leadership?  There are organizational goals,…

Why Process Isn’t Leadership’s Priority


Why Process? Most would agree we are a results-oriented culture. Our DNA tells us to get it done…to get results…to “just do it” (Nike) especially when fixing and addressing problems or issues. However, there is an inherent risk to “just doing it”. While we all act with good intentions, unless…

How Leading Organizations Make Change Last


I can barely get my kids to pick up after themselves, turn off lights after they leave the room, or really make their beds.  By really making their beds, pulling up the top cover while the sheets are still balled up at the foot of the bed is a huge win.  All I am asking them to do is…

David Shaner on Why Fast Change Often Fails


APQC was lucky enough to talk to David Shaner about his book ‘The Seven Arts of Change’ and specifically about how his ‘Golden Rule’ can help in leading change in an organization.  David will be the keynote speaker at APQC’s 2014 Process Conference on October 13-15. In part two of our…