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What’s Your Process Management Persona?


Here’s a universal truth: When processes are left to develop organically, they tend to grow up in isolated silos. Invariably, some silos have more mature process-minded approaches than others, making it difficult to integrate and standardize horizontally. Even when there’s a recognized need for…

3 Biggest Struggles PCF Users Have


APQC’s Process Classification Framework® (PCF) is the best tool to standardize the language of your process steps, enabling you to accelerate your organization’s ability to: consistently define processes, manage governance, enable apples-to-apples benchmarking, and identify process…

How Process Management can Reduce M&A Risk


‘What could possible go wrong’ when you ignore process tenets? Everything.  The world’s worst kept business secret is that most acquisitions fail. Depending upon what metric you use to evaluate success, mergers miss their intended goals as much as   85% of the time. With a…

Are You Ready to Fix Your Process?


Thus far in our blog series we’ve traveled two-thirds of the way through the process improvement cycle: identified what you do and how you do it, pinpointed which of the things that you do are broken, and figured out which are most broken and will need to be addressed sooner than later…

What Does ‘Fix My Process’ Even Mean?


In the first three installments of this blog series we’ve discussed practical and tactical steps to: Standardize your process descriptions using APQC’s Process Classification Framework Determine who truly owns each process step And identify the knowing/doing gap in your processes The…