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KM Challenge of Finding New Normal During COVID-19

How KM Responds to the “New Normal"


In the last couple of weeks, the on-going theme I hear from APQC’s members, clients, and staff is “we are just trying to get back to normal”. While I don’t think anyone is feeling normal yet, I am seeing how quickly we are embracing the “new normal” that has been thrust upon us. And underlying all…

Cracking the Culture Code for KM


I have asked KM leaders what their main objective is for implementing KM.  And, overwhelmingly, the #1 response is to “change the culture of the organization.”  Really?  You want KM to take on culture change?  Some years ago, APQC brought together a group of leading…

Strategic Planning for Knowledge Management


For years I have been curious about how organizations develop and execute strategies. I think my curiosity comes from countless articles and research that says a large percentage (up to 70% according to one source) of strategies never make it off the paper they are on and into action. Or, maybe it’…

APQC takes on KMWorld 2016!


Countdown is on! I will be attending KMWorld 2016 November 14-17in Washington DC, and I’m bringing along 4 of my APQC colleagues – Darcy, Lauren, Zakiya, and Jennifer. Jane Dysart and her group put on a wonderful week and we get to be part of that in a big way! We will be supporting the KMWorld…