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Why Death of Chief Knowledge Officers is a Good Thing


Recently, I was asked to find organizations with CKOs (Chief Knowledge Officer). It occurred to me that I haven’t really heard of one in recent memory. So why is that? While I don’t have a definitive answer, I have a suspicion (a hope really): not only are CKOs not needed, we shouldn’t want them.…

Great Knowledge Management Must be Visible


In my last musings, I pondered the impending death of knowledge management but never really came to a conclusion regarding its health: that is, whether or not we find it today on life support. The reason was due to a trip down memory lane, but that’s simply because I see that the parallels between…

Keys To Changing Knowledge Sharing Behavior


Phyllis Korkki’s New York Times article "When Those Who Know Won't Share" was summed up very nicely in the quote by David Zweig, an associate management professor at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. What did Zweig say? “Put in incentives to reward people on team outcomes versus solely…

What Will Future of Knowledge Management Work Be Like?


The workplace of the future won’t be a place at all. It will be anyplace, anytime, by any technology. Of course, the mantra of “always on, always connected” is well known by many already so why aren’t we there yet? It’s about the business rules; the rules that have yet to be written. To wit, one…