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KM Skills Managers Need Most

The Skills Knowledge Managers Need Most


One of best—and hardest—aspects of knowledge management is that there’s always something new to learn. A good KM team must continually refine its skillsets to accommodate emerging goals, techniques, scenarios, and technologies. Everyone on the team doesn’t need to know everything, but at least one…

3 Things KM Can Do to Keep Up with Change

KM Must Change to Survive


If you feel like your organization’s strategy, structure, processes, and technology are evolving faster than ever before, you’re not alone. Seismic shifts are the defining theme of the modern enterprise—and the swings and roundabouts just get bigger. The constant upheaval has implications for…

KM Success in 2020 Starts with Simplicity

Simplicity: It’s the 2020 Word for KM


As 2020 begins, countless self-help articles are encouraging people to choose a “word of the year” to help motivate and guide them. While setting a theme for personal growth makes sense, the same tactic can be applied to a team, company, or broader discipline. The right rallying cry helps bring…

How Your KM Measurement Strategy Is Putting You At Risk

Stop Measuring KM the Wrong Way


Smart leaders know that knowledge management has a positive influence on workforce morale and performance. When employees have easy access to documents, expertise, and one another they waste less time looking for information, collaborate more efficiently to solve problems, and are better able…

Why KM Needs Boots on The Ground

Why KM Programs Need Boots on the Ground


All knowledge management programs need dedicated staff. We’ve seen organizations try to make KM a part-time role, but the strategy has much greater odds of success when at least one person (and often more) is allocated full-time to KM. This ensures KM gets the focused attention required to…