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How KM Gets Experts To Transfer Knowledge

How KM Gets Experts to Transfer Their Knowledge


No matter what business you’re in, subject matter experts are likely in high demand. Your organization needs people with deep know-how and extensive experience to lead, innovate, and solve tough problems. But experts can’t just be islands unto themselves. You also need them to replicate and spread…

How KM Can Benefit From SWOT Analysis In 2020

How KM Can Benefit from a SWOT Analysis in 2020


It feels like the world has changed overnight, and knowledge management programs must take a hard look at what they’re doing to ensure KM priorities match organizational realities. APQC has many best practices and tools to help you with your KM strategy, but for a quick-and-dirty way to recalibrate…

Why Is Knowledge Management Strategy Useful?

Why Is Knowledge Management Strategy Useful?


A knowledge management strategy is useful because it gives your KM effort a concrete purpose and target to work toward. Many organizations set well-meaning but elusive goals for KM such as “to break down siloes” or “to build a more collaborative culture.” These are good intentions, but they’re too…

5 KM Best Practices To Fix Virtual Working

5 KM Best Practices to Fix Virtual Collaboration


As employees adjust to the “new normal” of more virtual work, many organizations are struggling to keep information flowing and replicate the teamwork that usually occurs in the office. Employees can collaborate without being together, but it doesn’t happen as naturally. It requires deliberate…

KM Skills Managers Need Most

The Skills Knowledge Managers Need Most


One of best—and hardest—aspects of knowledge management is that there’s always something new to learn. A good KM team must continually refine its skillsets to accommodate emerging goals, techniques, scenarios, and technologies. Everyone on the team doesn’t need to know everything, but at least one…

3 Things KM Can Do to Keep Up with Change

KM Must Change to Survive


If you feel like your organization’s strategy, structure, processes, and technology are evolving faster than ever before, you’re not alone. Seismic shifts are the defining theme of the modern enterprise—and the swings and roundabouts just get bigger. The constant upheaval has implications for…