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10 Important Human Capital Management Insights From 2019

10 Things I Learned About HCM in 2019


In its Future of Jobs report, The World Economic Forum lists the ability to learn as one of the most in-demand skills today and predicts that employer demand for active learners will grow through 2022. In the spirit of life-long learning, I am sharing ten of my key learnings (in no particular order…

Trabsforming Traditional Employee Survey

Why Your Employees Aren't Engaged


You’ve seen the statistics. 30% of employees in the United States, and 16% of employees globally, are engaged at work. Clearly, corporate employee engagement programs are not working. But why? And, more importantly, how can they be improved? Why do so many employee engagement programs…

The Secrets of RPA Success in Shared Services

Secrets to RPA Success in Shared Services


Robotic process automation (RPA) has the potential to elevate the performance and contribution of shared services organizations. Yet, fully realizing the benefits of RPA in shared services requires a thoughtful and measured approach. In an email interview, Anshu Gupta, head of global people…

How BASF Finds Talent in a Tight Labor Market


Finding qualified talent is one of the biggest challenges for employers today. Our research shows that employers are in search of innovative ways to fill open positions. Chemical company BASF has found, and is having success with, a number of talent acquisition innovations. Recently, I interviewed…

Cool Ways to Acquire Top Talent


Talent acquisition is an executive concern as a scarcity of qualified job candidates threatens to limit productivity and innovation. As a result, organizations are going to great lengths to secure top talent: Offering unlimited paid time off Giving travel stipends Providing free meals—…

Is Career Development Still Relevant?


This is the question we were asking as APQC embarked on its most recent training and development research study. We wondered: Has the prevalence of job hopping, layoffs, and flat organizations lessened the value of career development in the eyes of employers and employees?   After analyzing…