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Top 10 Ways to Prevent Turnover


Tight Labor Market Signals It’s Time to Step Up Retention Efforts Much attention is being paid to the possibility that automation will spur joblessness. This makes it easy to lose sight of the fact that there are too few workers to fill job openings today. Jobless claims edge lower as…

5 Ways To Consider Your Invoicing Beyond Just Cost


My colleague, Perry D. Wiggins (CFO of APQC), recently has released the June 2018 Metric of the Month on CFO.com. It focuses on the “Cost to Invoice Customers” noting a range of $2.00 for top performers up to $9.00 for bottom performers with a mid-point of $3.94. This is quite a range when you…

Strategic Planning for Knowledge Management


For years I have been curious about how organizations develop and execute strategies. I think my curiosity comes from countless articles and research that says a large percentage (up to 70% according to one source) of strategies never make it off the paper they are on and into action. Or, maybe it’…