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Digitizing the Supply Chain


Digitizing the supply chain is continuing to unfold. In the past week, I’ve spoken to a few organizations about their progress to create the digital supply chain – running the gamut from getting it started in earnest, to full on using it. One thing was clear – no plans are in place to change…

Robotics in the Supply Chain


With delivery drones, autonomous trucks, and crewless cargo ships dominating the news, much has been discussed about transforming the delivery—more specifically, the last mile—of retail in the supply chain. But for supply chain professionals, much of the focus right now is on the immediate impact…

What is Automation?


The future of supply chain management is automation. Or is it robotics? Or are those two the same thing? More importantly, what’s going to happen? With drones, driverless cars, and “lights out” factories making headlines, most supply chains will be automated and connected, to some degree,…