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How to Make Shared HR Services Great

What Great HR Shared Services Have In Common


APQC and ScottMadden partner to collect benchmarks on HR shared services organizations. In an email interview with APQC, ScottMadden explained why continuous improvement is important in HR shared services and shared advice for reaching peak HR shared services performance. After reading the…

What Is HR Transformation

What Is HR Transformation?


HR transformation is a redesign of the HR function involving dramatic as opposed to incremental improvement. At its core, HR transformation is about creating an HR function that reflects and supports the broader organization and its strategic objectives. As organizations embark on major change…

Better Virtual Work Starts With Empowering Virtual Managers

Secret to Managing Remote Workers


Over the past year, APQC has understandably received many questions about how to manage remote workers. Early in the pandemic, questions centered on managing the logistics of getting employees set up to work from home and helping employees deal with work/life balance challenges. Then came concerns…

Leadership Challenges

Biggest Leadership Transition Mistakes


Organizations invest a lot of time and money in identifying and developing potential future leaders and then in ultimately selecting candidates from their leadership pipelines to fill open leadership roles. Effectively developing and placing individuals into leadership roles through high potential…

Robots and Workers

The Great Robots vs Workers Mistake


Robots versus workers—it’s a great debate that is playing out in the media and across organizations. The most common refrain is that technology is making workers obsolete. But according to Deloitte’s latest Human Capital Trends report—we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to technology and talent.…