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Building Decisions into Process Models


I was recently able to speak with Will Thomas, vice president enterprise sales Americas at Signavio, about decision modeling, its impact on process modeling, and some advice for getting started on integrating the two. The recent adoption of a Decision Modeling Notation (DMN) 1.0 by the Object…

How to Slay Your Supply Chain Monster


Is your organization strategizing the best way to slay your supply chain monster? Your monster may be figuring out your processes, or it could be benchmarking your processes (these are the two I hear most often from organizations). Today, I am going to focus on the benchmarking monster.…

Finance Needs New Skills to Stay Relevant


Three quarters of finance executives who responded to a recent APQC survey are engaged in some form of finance function improvement. Unsurprisingly, CFOs want finance to push for greater cost-efficiency. That campaign will never end, especially as finance moves stridently toward robotics and…

Whether It's Diet or Data, Change is Change


I come from an Italian family. My mom, the undisputed matriarch of the family, was born in Italy and takes great pride in sharing her cultural heritage with my family, often in the form of delicious Italian food. Growing up, this made dinnertime a highlight of the day, as it was a golden…

How to Not Screw Up A Supply Chain Redesign


APQC recently spoke with Murillo Xavier, one of HP’s most acclaimed supply chain strategists and author of Strategic Sourcing- Suppliers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus. During a recent interview Xavier discusses how market leaders are redesigning their supply chains in this…

What’s Your Process Management Persona?


Here’s a universal truth: When processes are left to develop organically, they tend to grow up in isolated silos. Invariably, some silos have more mature process-minded approaches than others, making it difficult to integrate and standardize horizontally. Even when there’s a recognized need for…