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Virtual Reality Needs to Go Social to Benefit KM


Driving a Rover on Mars? Touring Valen's Reef in the Bird’s Head Seascape international preserve? Reliving Hurricane Sandy as the waters rose? I had a chance to experience all three of these in virtual reality (VR) at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival.  All three experiences would have been…

Benchmarks That Really Matter in IT


Benchmarking continues to be a top tool used by leadership teams to support decision making. Organizations continually strive to leverage IT to support and align core business activities such as strategic planning, process improvement efforts, and budgeting. IT clearly supports strategic…

That Machine is a Better Storyteller Than Me


I am willing to bet that machines wrote some of the emails, spider crawls, and media alerts that come across your screen every day. A grizzled sports writer didn’t write the recap of the baseball game; most weather alerts and forecasts weren’t written by a meteorologist; financial analyses and…

What’s Driving Finance Improvement?


Today to win, organizations have to outmaneuver the competition, and this is where finance needs to step up and become a better business partner. But how are CFOs, and the finance functions they manage, driving process improvement efforts that lead to this outcome? To answer this question and more…

Dr. Carla O'Dell and I Embrace Our Inner Geeks


We have executive buy-in for the analytics research initiative at APQC. And I have recorded video proof of it! In March, I got the chance to pick the brain of APQC's CEO, Dr. Carla O’Dell’s about why she so fervently believes data and analytics are such an important subject for APQC members…