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Leaders Beware The Next Big, New, Shiny Thing


Have you heard of the new phenomenon: The Digitally Deluded Leader? It’s the topic of APQC’s June Human Capital Management Webinar. This is a new topic for me and I am guessing it is also new to many APQC readers. So, I asked guest speaker Steve Hearsum of Roffey Park, an internationally renowned…

Breakdown Those Analytics Silos


Integrated analytics key to strategy execution. Knowledge analytics, workforce analytics, process analytics, analytics in finance—all are topics featured on APQC’s analytics expertise page. At APQC, we’re making an effort to research how different organizational functions and processes…

No More Excuses—Just Get Predictive!


In this final blog post based on our recent interview, Greta Roberts, co-founder and CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp. explains what predictive workforce analytics maturity really means and provides insights for organizations transitioning to making data-based workforce decisions. Greta will be a…