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Which Data Analytics Solutions Are You Using?


It’s hard to believe it’s only been ten months since my first data and analytics pilgrimage, but it’s true. I’ve learned a great deal about data and analytics since that time, both through my research and my personal interactions with people in the field. From my experience (and APQC research…

Whether It's Diet or Data, Change is Change


I come from an Italian family. My mom, the undisputed matriarch of the family, was born in Italy and takes great pride in sharing her cultural heritage with my family, often in the form of delicious Italian food. Growing up, this made dinnertime a highlight of the day, as it was a golden…

It's an Analytics Block Party!


How well do you know your neighbors? You may share a wall/fence with them, but do you even know their names?  Have you ever talked to them about anything more than the weather (or maybe that temperamental mail delivery guy)? I’m willing to bet that if I surveyed everyone reading this post,…

Dr. Carla O'Dell and I Embrace Our Inner Geeks


We have executive buy-in for the analytics research initiative at APQC. And I have recorded video proof of it! In March, I got the chance to pick the brain of APQC's CEO, Dr. Carla O’Dell’s about why she so fervently believes data and analytics are such an important subject for APQC members…

Three Things I Learned at Strata+Hadoop World


As I mentioned a little over a month ago, I was pretty excited about the chance I was given to attend the Strata+Hadoop World conference in San Jose. It turns out that that anticipation was justified. The event was a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity and an even greater learning…