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APQC's New Voice of Supply Chain


APQC has a new supply chain management research principal lead, Joe Tillman, and I had the pleasure of recently speaking with him. In his new role, Joe will be the voice for supply chain research, benchmarking, and process improvement. Joe has a keen interest in all things supply chain and uses…

How to Prevent a Supply Chain Fire


Supply Chain Managers are often faced with several issues that they must deal with to ensure a healthy supply chain and minimize the number of fires that arise and the number that have to be put out. Yesterday, September 9th was Fire Prevention Day. In honor of this special day, I would like to…

How to Slay Your Supply Chain Monster


Is your organization strategizing the best way to slay your supply chain monster? Your monster may be figuring out your processes, or it could be benchmarking your processes (these are the two I hear most often from organizations). Today, I am going to focus on the benchmarking monster.…

How to Not Screw Up A Supply Chain Redesign


APQC recently spoke with Murillo Xavier, one of HP’s most acclaimed supply chain strategists and author of Strategic Sourcing- Suppliers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus. During a recent interview Xavier discusses how market leaders are redesigning their supply chains in this…