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3 Ways to Improve Manufacturing


What is the key to improving an organization’s manufacturing activities? My colleague Andrea Stroud and I recently spoke on a webinar focused on the steps organizations can take to assess the current state of their manufacturing processes and identify areas for improvement. Many manufacturing…

Is Your 2016 Budget Already Obsolete?


Budget season can be difficult for financial professionals. The combination of resource allocation under strict deadlines creates an unenviable, annual responsibility. While budgeting may be difficult, it does not have to be an ordeal to suffer through. Proper planning and targeted budget scope can…

Innovative Technologies Ensuring On-Time Delivery


As I sat thinking about companies that have been making headlines for finding innovative ways to deliver orders on time, Amazon comes to mind. Many have heard the headlines about Amazon’s drone’s, its one-hour delivery service, and rapid expansion into transportation logistics. Next week at CSCMP’s…

How Process Management can Reduce M&A Risk


‘What could possible go wrong’ when you ignore process tenets? Everything.  The world’s worst kept business secret is that most acquisitions fail. Depending upon what metric you use to evaluate success, mergers miss their intended goals as much as   85% of the time. With a…

Knowledge Transfer Is a Process, Not An Event


Below is a video made by Carrie Tracy, senior knowledge manager at RelayHealth (McKesson Corporation), previewing her breakout session at the 2015 APQC Process Conference October 29-30. In this great cartoon, she gives a sneak peak of her session, including the concerted process design that has…