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Make Enterprise Search Magical Without Money


APQC’s research finds that best practice organizations actually don’t have significantly better search technology. Instead, they meet employees’ search needs with superior processes and approaches to content management. Check out the infographic below for three key ways to fix enterprise search…

Building a Great Workplace in the IT Industry


Thanks to technologic innovation, the IT industry is enjoying a boom in today’s business world. IT organizations are not only in the Fortune 500, several are considered to be among the 100 Best Companies to Work For. According to Great Place to Work® IT is one of six industries that consistently…

The Talent Crisis in Accounting & Finance: Part 2


Here is part two of the May 13 interview between Elissa Tucker and Mary Driscoll, APQC’s financial management senior research fellow, on her perspectives on the state of entry-level management accounting and finance talent. In part 1 one, Elissa and Mary discuss why organizationss have a hard time…

5 Reasons Master Data Management is Critical


APQC recently spoke with Genpact’s Susmita Kanjilal, assistant vice president, master data management practice, and Sandeep Singh, vice president, sourcing and procurement practice, about how organizations can implement an effective master data management program. This post presents the first half…

Why Does Data Visualization Matter?


I was recently able to speak with David Doney, vice-president of internal audit at SIRVA, Inc. about how analyzing data and presenting it visually are important competencies as the economy digitizes. David will be speaking on our free webinar on May 28 at 11:00 a.m. CDT: Best Practices in Data…