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Positive Stories About Working in Retail


13 Retailers made the 2015 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list Try Googling “working in retail.” You will not only find the top ranked search results are all negative, but also you will see that many of the remaining results contain words like crazy, worst, tough, hardship, problem, and…

Supply Chain IT Risk: Transparency is Key


Risk within the supply chain has become a growing concern for many organizations. Although natural disasters such as tsunamis and inclement weather often get the most attention, organizations should also be concerned with risks that can impact the systems supporting their day-to-day operations. One…

Innovation: The New Competitive Equation


This month, the Busines Performance Innovation (BPI) Network published a report, Innovation: The New Competitive Equation. The report examines innovation strategies and roadblocks in today's enterprise. According to the report, 79% of survey respondents currently rate their companies'…

How Analytics Can Empower Your HR Strategy


Lessons from SAS, One of the World’s Best Workplaces. Business analytics and software provider SAS is well known for using HR analytics to improve its own performance as well as its clients’ performance. Jennifer Nenadic, Manager of Enterprise Analytic Services at SAS, will be sharing HR…

Why Should You Still Care About COSO 2013?


I was recently able to speak with Jim DeLoach, a managing director at Protiviti, about how the implemention of the updated Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) Internal Control – Integrated Framework (Framework) during 2014 has been an important endeavor for many public companies in their…

What Does ‘Fix My Process’ Even Mean?


In the first three installments of this blog series we’ve discussed practical and tactical steps to: Standardize your process descriptions using APQC’s Process Classification Framework Determine who truly owns each process step And identify the knowing/doing gap in your processes The…

Great Knowledge Management Must be Visible


In my last musings, I pondered the impending death of knowledge management but never really came to a conclusion regarding its health: that is, whether or not we find it today on life support. The reason was due to a trip down memory lane, but that’s simply because I see that the parallels between…