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How Wise Are Your Leaders?


As the end of the year approaches, I have been reflecting on the concept of wisdom.  Supposedly wisdom results from knowledge and experience. What are the characteristics of wise leaders? Here is what I think is the #1 characteristic: They don’t sacrifice our collective future for their…

What KM Can Learn From Airplane Pilot Training


Let me alert you to a fascinating interview I did with Elizabeth Swan on how people learn and the implications for knowledge management, innovation, and accelerating the rate of organizational learning. The conversation started because we discovered that we both enjoyed the same book, How…

Unlearning: NASA Meets SpaceX


As part of my quest to understand how people become experts more quickly in complex scientific and technical disciplines, I interviewed Edward J. Hoffman, chief knowledge officer (CKO) at NASA. This is the second of two blogs on my conversation with Ed. You can check out the first one and learn…