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How Do Organizations Attract Supply Chain Talent?


Attracting talent to the supply chain field has and continues to be a hot topic among organizations as many supply chain professionals prepare to retire. A couple of years ago an APQC study revealed that 67 percent of surveyed organizations had made talent management initiatives a top priority in…

Supply Chain IT Risk: How Organizations Manage It


Risks to IT systems and their potential effects on the supply chain have been of concern for organizations, and this shows no signs of going away. A 2014 APQC study showed that many organizations have experienced some kind of IT disruption that affected the supply chain and that organizational…

Why Organizations Should Focus on Nex’perts


Much has been written about the need to get younger generations interested in STEM fields. I’ve recently run across a blog post on how the maker movement can get kids interested in engineering and product development and an article suggesting the manufacturing industry make kids as excited about…

3 Ways to Improve Manufacturing


What is the key to improving an organization’s manufacturing activities? My colleague Andrea Stroud and I recently spoke on a webinar focused on the steps organizations can take to assess the current state of their manufacturing processes and identify areas for improvement. Many manufacturing…

5 Innovations Leaders Believe Are on the Way


A majority of business decision makers want their organizations to do more to embrace modern technologies and new channels of customer engagement and digital experience. That’s one of the key findings presented by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network in its report Accelerating Business…

5 Reasons Master Data Management is Critical


APQC recently spoke with Genpact’s Susmita Kanjilal, assistant vice president, master data management practice, and Sandeep Singh, vice president, sourcing and procurement practice, about how organizations can implement an effective master data management program. This post presents the first half…

Supply Chain IT Risk: Transparency is Key


Risk within the supply chain has become a growing concern for many organizations. Although natural disasters such as tsunamis and inclement weather often get the most attention, organizations should also be concerned with risks that can impact the systems supporting their day-to-day operations. One…