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Benchmarking Basics: Know the Rules of the Game


Working with benchmarking organizations affords me a view of some of the mistakes organizations regularly make, as well as the things that make them successful. One of the basic mistakes I see organization make is not adhering to some foundational benchmarking principles or rules. This doesn’t…

What Will Future of Knowledge Management Work Be Like?


The workplace of the future won’t be a place at all. It will be anyplace, anytime, by any technology. Of course, the mantra of “always on, always connected” is well known by many already so why aren’t we there yet? It’s about the business rules; the rules that have yet to be written. To wit, one…

What Great Innovative Companies Have in Common


I recently talked to Claude Legrand, managing partner of Ideaction, Inc. to find out what makes companies leaders in innovation and what makes other companies struggle. APQC: What sets successful companies in innovation apart from the rest? Legrand: Knowledge about the innovation process is…