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How Data and Analytics Can Improve Recruiting


Does your recruiting function use data and analytics to guide its decisions? Recent research suggests that recruiting functions that use data may be more effective compared to those that do not. According to an analysis of data from a recent APQC survey of recruiting professionals, recruiting…

Infographic: Rapid Product Development


According to a recent APQC survey, 51 percent of organizations consider reducing the time to market for their products and services to be a top priority. Many organizations are looking to address this and other priorities through the use of rapid product development initiatives. To find out how…

What are Predictive Analytics and Big Data?


Predictive analytics is a process where people bridge the gap between knowledge, data, and action. Big Data, which is a collection of data that is extremely large and complex, is increasingly making the list as a key trend. While it's a hot topic, most companies have not been successful at…

Knowledge Management Conversation on STEM Talent


In April, knowledge management (KM) leaders and practitioners from around the globe joined together for APQC’s 19th Annual Knowledge Management Conference. One word in particular kept buzzing around this meeting of over 350 attendees: “conversation.” APQC CEO Carla O’Dell kicked off the event with…