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The 3 Biggest Problems Facing Internal Wikis


APQC recently spoke to Rebecca Glassman, senior manager of knowledge management at Opower, about how her organization cleaned up its internal wiki and made it a thriving part of the Opower KM program. Rebecca will deliver a presentation titled “Curating Content: Engaging Wiki Users at Scale” at…

5 Ways Social Media Has Changed HR


Social recruiting is among the top 5 HR trends that HR functions are prioritizing in 2014. Yet, using social media in the performance feedback process is not a priority for HR. These are among the findings of APQC’s newly released HR Performance, Priorities, and Trends survey report. According to…

Benchmarking Relevance Continues to Evolve


If you’ve read my posts related to benchmarking, you know I feel relevance is vital to making benchmarking real for most organizations. This is an area I continue to examine with organizations providing, as well as consuming, benchmarking information. Relevance is the issue currently holding…

Infographic: HR Priorities, Performance, and Trends


Is talent a top CEO priority for 2014? Has HR big data “arrived”? Is HR prepared to deliver on CEO objectives? How is HR doing in engaging and retaining employees and in generating return on human capital investments? Check out the infographic below for answers to some of these questions and…